Get Comfortable with Change

If I can be vulnerable with you for a second, things are not going exactly as I planned.

I began the year with grand visions and goals for Blue Magic Alchemy, that included breathwork circles, plans to launch a new coaching offering and a course that has been living in my mind for about a year.

I even launched a pilot membership program which has been pretty well-received offering a heavily discounted entry to all scheduled breathwork circles through the end of June.

One thing I’ve learned in the last few years stepping into entrepreneurship is that a lot of the growth of these projects depends on me showing up on social media, sharing valuable and fun content, and sending emails and prioritizing marketing,

And then an amazing job opportunity fell into my lap. One that has changed my trajectory suddenly and that I’ve thrown myself into. And with that comes a change in my time management and how much I’m available for marketing, content and social media.

I know things will settle as time goes on, but for now - I’m not showing up as much as I’d like. I’m not posting the podcast as regularly as I’d like. I’m not communicating with you as much as I’d like.

I have the option to get frustrated by this. 

There have been moments of frustration. And doubt. And fear. And questioning if this is the right thing. My ideas and plans have safety in them. An idea that I’m in control.

On the other hand, there’s an invitation. To lean in. To realize that this is the way things are. Plans change. Things happen in an instant, and you can choose to flow with that or feel resistance to letting go. 

My grandfather used to say “Man plans, and God laughs”.

And so I find myself with a beautiful opportunity to practice letting go. To practice breathing into uncertainty, and everything coming up in my nervous system and just surrender. Because the reality is - we aren’t ever promised control, just illusions of stability and safety (whatever your concepts of that). 

My work is to practice letting go into the wonder of the universe outside of the bubble of what I think should be happening. Perhaps this means there will be less people at the next breathwork circle. That’s ok. The people that are supposed to be there will be.

How magical that this is all happening as we near the first full moon of Spring! Coming into this bigger season of rebirth - whether you see that in the plants and environment, the religious traditions you practice or just feel it within you like I am.

This is what I’m leaning into. This is what’s coming up as I meditate on the next Breathwork for Transformation Full Moon Portal. This is in my thoughts as I put together a new playlist and meditation for the session.

I hope you can join us, to join your intention and meditation with my own, and breathe into the new season of growth and renewal. To let go into this new moment.

See you soon my friends.

About the Author

Jonathan Schecter

Jonathan Schecter

Jonathan's interest in the transformative power of the breath is driven by his own healing journey. After practicing meditation and mindfulness in the Zen and Tibetan Buddhist traditions for almost 20 years, he rediscovered breathwork during a dark night of the soul and was amazed at the impact the practice had on his life.

After exploring several types of breathwork and working to create his own system, he found Neurodynamic Breathwork and completed an extensive facilitator-training program that was equal parts breathwork, deep personal development, and training in how to hold space for expanded states of awareness and support others through authentic presence.

This training, combined with lessons learned integrating his own extensive experiences with plant medicine helped Jonathan launch his brand “Blue Magic Alchemy ” that provides 1:1 integration and transformation coaching, a podcast, breathwork and meditation circles, and information to support grounded exploration into altered states of consciousness.


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