I felt so guilty

After the 3rd person messaged me that they hadn’t seen a new podcast episode in a few weeks, I started feeling guilty. That's when I knew it was time for a reframe. It was time to change guilt to gratitude, because I do feel grateful that you were missing the show and that you care enough to message me.

Why is it so hard to change?

I just quit my job. It’s the first time in 17 years that I haven’t had a W2 and my resignation is just 2 weeks shy of 10 years with the present company.

As I write, I technically still have a couple hours left on the clock. After I send this out I’ll head back to the office I spent 7 of the 10 years in to turn in my computer.

I have to admit that as I write this - I feel some fear in my body. Since I gave my notice I’ve felt pretty good - and it wasn’t until last night that it started to hit me.

There is no spoon

I spent this weekend completing the Level 1 Mindfulness Meditation Teacher training with Dharma Moon.

And one of my favorite topics came up more than a few times (in fact we did a whole meditation on it)!. That topic is the Buddhist concept of “no-self”.

Sharing My Medicine With You

I'm on a mission to give you tools to help regulate your nervous system, so that you feel comfortable working with plant medicine. There's so many more benefits to a well-regulated nervous system but that one is pretty important. 

Astrology & Altered States

When I was going through my facilitator training for Neurodynamic Breathwork, I learned a lot about Dr. Stan Grof - psychedelic research pioneer, father of Transpersonal psychology, and founder of Holotropic Breathwork. It’s not an exaggeration to say I’m a little obsessed…in a good way because his work is prolific and has made a big impact on the way I teach breathwork.

Sharing My Story

Have you ever visualized something happening, and had it come true? The experience of dreaming something into existence and having it manifest is pure bliss. It makes me believe in magic

The Importance of Integration Circles

Last week I wrote to you about community. I used the word “alchemical” to describe the transformational potential within a community, because community has the capacity to heal and support as well as wound and dis-integrate. 

Forget Resolutions

Happy New Year.

Breathing deeply into this new day, I feel confident, focused, ready to reap the fruit of last year, committed to planting new seeds in fertile soil.

The Shortcut to Transformation

A couple weeks ago I started sending out a series of emails all about progress. It’s a vehicle I used because I felt like I had a ton of stuff to share with you…so I broke it up into smaller chunks.


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