I need Your Help with a Question for the Podcast

What an amazing season on The Vital Point Podcast! This post is to celebrate, share progress and most importantly to ask you an extremely important question!!

Before I start rambling, it’s tradition at the end of the podcast season to take questions from the audience.

I’d love to hear your questions on meditation, breathwork, mindset, integration, plant medicine, ice baths or anything else relevant to spiritual growth and transformational practice.

In my mind each season is marked by a major milestone and Season 5 was no exception. This was the first season not aired on Instagram, and posted instead to Youtube (the show has been available on all audio streaming platforms for a while). This transition ended up being a lot more involved than I thought - but after some minor setbacks, I’m confident about the production process moving forward.

This season also began to fulfill an important goal of mine for the show:

to offer practices for you to use to enrich, deepen and extend your own process of transformation.

This serves at least 3 purposes:

  1. To provide immediate value to you as the audience beyond listening to inspiring interviews.
  2. To set the podcast apart from other shows about similar topics of psychedelics, integration and spiritual growth.
  3. To satisfy my vision for the show (and why I called it The Vital Point). The vital point is that none of these extraordinary methods are any good if you don’t practice them. My intention is to share a modality, a technique, a practice that you resonate with and that changes your life!

This season there have been some incredible practices offered for you to try on your own:

  • EMDR for integration
  • microdosing integration protocols
  • journaling prompts
  • breathwork to calm your nervous system
  • mindfulness meditation

and I’ll be including one of my favorite breathwork practices on the season finale next week.

Speaking of that season finale - don’t forget to send me your questions.

You can submit a comment to this post (see below) or message me on Instagram or Facebook at Blue Magic Alchemy.

I can’t wait to share the next season with you…believe it or not it’s already 17% recorded and 100% scheduled.

If you’ve enjoyed the show it would mean so much if you leave a review the next time you listen. If you’ve already checked out and subscribed to the Youtube channel, thank you so much for your support. Please subscribe to the channel and share the show with someone else that could use some breathwork, meditation and inspiration.


This show is truly a gift and I appreciate your continued support.

With blessings,


About the Author

Jonathan Schecter

Jonathan Schecter

Jonathan's interest in the transformative power of the breath is driven by his own healing journey. After practicing meditation and mindfulness in the Zen and Tibetan Buddhist traditions for almost 20 years, he rediscovered breathwork during a dark night of the soul and was amazed at the impact the practice had on his life.

After exploring several types of breathwork and working to create his own system, he found Neurodynamic Breathwork and completed an extensive facilitator-training program that was equal parts breathwork, deep personal development, and training in how to hold space for expanded states of awareness and support others through authentic presence.

This training, combined with lessons learned integrating his own extensive experiences with plant medicine helped Jonathan launch his brand “Blue Magic Alchemy ” that provides 1:1 integration and transformation coaching, a podcast, breathwork and meditation circles, and information to support grounded exploration into altered states of consciousness.


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