Sharing My Medicine With You

I'm on a mission to give you tools to help regulate your nervous system, so that you feel comfortable working with plant medicine. There's so many more benefits to a well-regulated nervous system but that one is pretty important. 

I am confident that The Vital Point podcast is a great platform to help me accomplish this mission.

I know that not everyone I have on The Vital Point is going to have a practice or a specific tool they can offer. That's ok - I think all the guests I've had so far have amazing, inspiring stories about their own transformations.

But I'm also really excited to be able to offer practices on the show. Things that you can start to integrate and practice as soon as you watch or listen. Many of the methods that have helped me heal and grow and integrate my psychedelic and plant medicine experiences are things that I've been able to share, either myself or through a guest.

Just this last season there's been an EMDR practice, meditation, journaling prompts and multiple breathwork offerings. On the latest episode of the podcast  I share a simple and effective breathwork technique that's part of my daily routine: coherence breathing.

Heart coherence breathing has been shown to have numerous benefits for physical and emotional well-being. It's a slow, deep breath that anyone can do. The benefits include decrease in stress hormones and an increase in beneficial hormones such as DHEA and oxytocin. Heart coherence breathing has been shown to improve cardiovascular health, reduce anxiety and depression, and enhance cognitive function. Regular practice of heart coherence breathing can lead to greater resilience, improved emotional regulation, and a greater sense of overall well-being.

Not only does sharing these practices make the podcast unique, it's something that can change your life! Just remember that the Vital Point is that you have to practice. There's this beautiful verse in the Buddhist text The Way of the Bodhisattva by Shantideva that says (to paraphrase): is it appropriate to blame the doctor if all we do is look at the medicine bottle and don't take it?

I want to inspire you to take the medicine - not just read the label. I want to help you grow so that you can continue to explore and heal and expand. I know these practices can help with that.

About the Author

Jonathan Schecter

Jonathan Schecter

Jonathan's interest in the transformative power of the breath is driven by his own healing journey. After practicing meditation and mindfulness in the Zen and Tibetan Buddhist traditions for almost 20 years, he rediscovered breathwork during a dark night of the soul and was amazed at the impact the practice had on his life.

After exploring several types of breathwork and working to create his own system, he found Neurodynamic Breathwork and completed an extensive facilitator-training program that was equal parts breathwork, deep personal development, and training in how to hold space for expanded states of awareness and support others through authentic presence.

This training, combined with lessons learned integrating his own extensive experiences with plant medicine helped Jonathan launch his brand “Blue Magic Alchemy ” that provides 1:1 integration and transformation coaching, a podcast, breathwork and meditation circles, and information to support grounded exploration into altered states of consciousness.


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